AusPen’s Top 5 Tips for Efficient Refilling

1. Stop Off At A Station

Refilling is quick and simple but we want to make it even more efficient for you, with a one stop shop for all your markers. Could you imagine all your refill inks in one place? You’ve got your nibs, reservoirs, tissues, and spanner all together to serve your refilling needs. This is your new refilling station! Not only will this mean all your pens can be refilled in one quick instance, but you can keep track of your usage and pre-empt when they need a touch up. Forget the days of refilling each individual pen when they wear out, this is a coordinated effort with the whole marker gang. Refilling never looked so good!


2. Leave It To The Pros

Students love our markers, not only drawing with them, but taking them apart to feed their curious minds. What’s in the barrel of a pen you ask? Refill potential! Now, there’s a time and place for pens to be taken apart, and it should only be allowed with AusPen and during refilling. When it’s time to refill your markers, designate a student for the job. It can be ‘refill time’ and everyone gets a turn at the refill station. Make sure students wear smocks and protective gear as this can get messy if they’re not careful!


3. EOD Fun

Teachers are busy people, we understand! If you find yourself rushing around with your carry case, but can’t find the time to refill – we feel you. It can be hard to find the time to refill when everyone wants to use your markers all day long. There’s an easy and efficient way around this. organize a time at the end of your day to refill your markers in solitude. When everyone has left the building or when you’ve arrived home, take some time away from your busy day and take care of your markers. Refilling is quite a meditative state, a focused state on the process of refilling. Enjoy this moment alone with your markers. The focus is doing you good!


“Hi Connie,

You have raised an interesting question which we are in the process of answering with a blog but here are the nuts and bolts of it for you.

Each bottle of refill ink is equivalent to approximately 40 refills… it depends on the personal user, for example how vivid they like to keep their markers.

The carry case kit is your refuelling station so that each individual can manage their own refilling.  Some top up at the end of the day, others puts a drop on each end of the nib and a few drops in the reservoir in the barrel, others place  20-30 drops in the reservoir.

Having your carry case on hand helps to keep a track of the markers and also a hit with the students who are witnessing your contribution to sustainability.  They regularly beg to do the job.

I think your requirements may be best met by having a Swap and Go arrangement where there is a central station/s where an individual is responsible for refilling the markers at their convenience but they have markers ready to swap when teachers return their faded marker.

This is a terrific way to manage the markers as it puts impetus on the teacher not to lose the marker.

I suppose the way to establish how much refill ink you require is to estimate how many disposable markers are used and do the math on 1 bottle of ink = 40 refills

Don’t forget to leave some of your budget for replacement nibs and reservoirs.  The nibs will the the first to be replaced (don’t forget to reverse them first) then down the track you will need new felt reservoirs when the ends deteriorate and they can’t successfully pass the ink to the nib.  In this case don’t forget to reverse the reservoir before your replace it.

I hope this helps, I look forward to hearing from you.”