Teaching With Whiteboard Markers

Teaching With Whiteboard Markers

If you are a teacher, you should use every single resource available to you to make teaching easier. One of the most effective resources for teaching is a dry erase board and the whiteboard markers that go with it.There are many benefits that come along with using whiteboard markers while teaching lessons. Take a look… Read more »

The Best Gifts for Teachers in Your Life

AusPen Dry Erase Markers

Summer is coming to a close and children and teachers are heading back to school. Teaching is a tough job and it is so important to thank teachers for their constant expressions of patience. If you have a teacher in your life that you think deserves some recognition, consider giving them a small gift to… Read more »

Health and Safety Benefits of Using AusPen

AusPen Whiteboard Markers

Whiteboard markers are being used on a daily basis in schools, universities, and institutions. Many families use whiteboard markers in their homes. When you pull the cap off of a whiteboard marker, do you ever consider what is inside of it? We have, and that’s one of many reasons we decided to create AusPen whiteboard… Read more »

Welcome to the new Blog

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AusPen’s Top 5 Tips for Efficient Refilling

1. Stop Off At A Station Refilling is quick and simple but we want to make it even more efficient for you, with a one stop shop for all your markers. Could you imagine all your refill inks in one place? You’ve got your nibs, reservoirs, tissues, and spanner all together to serve your refilling… Read more »

Big Leaps for Sustainability Education!

Here’s how sustainability education is changing in schools: To provide students with self-awareness and new perspectives, students need to be equipped with the 21st Century skills relevant to the world around them. Sustainability education is evolving, it no longer relates to the environment alone, but extends itself to economics and equity education, a ‘triple-bottom-line definition’ as… Read more »